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How do I know which class my child should attend?
Greeters will be located at all the main church entrances. They will direct you to the preschool check-in desks where our staff will assist you with secure check-in and locating the appropriate class for your child. Classes are provided for preschool children, from birth through 5K.

Can I complete a guest check-in form before I arrive?
Yes, click here to download the form so you can complete one form for your children, birth-5th grade. Please bring the form with you to the Preschool Check-In desk when you arrive.

What time should we arrive?
Classes open 15 minutes before the beginning of all scheduled services.

What should I do to prepare my child's diaper bag?
Please label all your child's belongings with their first & last name. This would include bottles, sippy cups, snacks, pacifiers, formula containers, infant carriers and the diaper bag itself. Each child needs one change of clothes, something to drink, and two diapers if still in diapers while being left in our care.

Is there a benefit to my child staying for two or more services?
During the 9:15 hour 2K-5K classes will have their Bible Study class. During this time children are learning the Bible from Genesis to Revelation over the course of a three-year study. During the 10:45 hour 2K-5K classes have worship.

What if my child needs me while they are in the Preschool Ministry?
You are welcome to leave your cell phone number with the teachers who are caring for your child. We will text you should an emergency arrive. 

Do you have a Nursing Mother’s Room?
Yes, it is located behind our infant classrooms. Please feel free to use our CD players, cribs, and mirrors in the room should you need it.


Where should I park?

There is a designated preschool parking lot located in the back of the building. If no spot is available golf carts will be able to bring you to the preschool area to check-in.

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