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Workshop Teachers

If you have a heart for teaching children this may be the job for you. Our workshops are on a rotation during the 9:30 & 10:45 Bible Study hours. We have 3 teams of workshop teachers, and each team teaches one month and then is off for two months. If you would like teach every week we can always arrange that as well. You are given curriculum to help you prepare each workshop that you are teaching that will correspond to what the children are studying during CrossKids Worship.



Shepherds for workshops

​T​hese volunteers are committed to being here every Sunday either at 9:30 or 10:45. Their job includes taking role, helping with snacks as well as assisting the workshop teachers. They are also responsible for outreach within the class. (ex. Cards, phone calls and visits when needed).



CrossKids Worship Servants

Volunteers serve once a month either during the 9:30 or 10:45 hours. These volunteers are around to help assist the children as we worship through Bible study, singing, prayer and offering. We use lots of different teaching methods throughout this worship hour, and we also need volunteers to help with sound and media.

Special Needs Servants

​These volunteers serve once a month or on an as needed basis during the 9:30 or 10:45 hour. This is based on the needs of the children that we have.


Wednesday Night Missions Teachers

​These servants teach during the Fall Semester (August-November) on Wednesday nights 6:30pm-7:30pm. If you have a heart for missions and teaching children about missions, then this might be the right job for you. The kids will learn about missions as well as have the opportunity to participate in missions.


Wednesday Night Choir Teachers

These servants teach during the spring semester (January-April) from 6:30-7:30. These volunteers have a passion for worship ministry or drama and love to work with children. During these months you will help the children as they learn a music and drama that is presented at the end of April.



Wacky Wednesday teachers

​Worship on Wednesday takes place during the month of May from 6:30-7:30pm. These volunteers are needed to help in teaching Bible stories and helping with activities for the kids.

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